Palm Reading

Published: 09th April 2008
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Palm reading, which is also called palmistry and the lesser known term "chiromancy" deals with reading the lines on the hand and is used as a method of fortune telling. I think back to the heydays of the traveling carnivals of the 1930s, with Madams and crystal balls whenever I hear the term "Palm Reading." Of course this is not by any means a proven science, but it is interesting.

Palm reading has been around for hundreds of years. Even the artist, Caravaggio has a painting called "The Fortune Teller," in which a woman is reading the palm of a man. The first step in palm reading is to figure out which is the "dominant hand." This is almost always the hand someone writes with. The hand shape also plays a role in determining which element someone gravitates towards. There are four; earth, air, fire and water. Earth will have broad/square hands, air has long fingers and square palms, water has long palms and fingers, and fire will have short fingers.

The next part of palm reading is the reading of the lines. There are major and minor lines, much like a tarot deck has the major and minor arcana. The major lines are more well known, being that they are called the heart line (romance/stability), the lifeline (physical health, not the life span), the headline (learning style), and fate line. The lesser lines are the sun line (fame), Mercury line (health), and Apollo Line (fortune).

The Palmist then begins reading the lines, interpreting the major and minor lines and combining them to try and predict wealth, fame, romance, and health.

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